Take control of your stairs!

Stairlifts, or chair lifts, are a great way to make it easier and safer to get up and down stairs. Our stairlifts are used by people from all walks of life and, with over half-a-million installations worldwide, we have the experience to help you make a good choice.

Most of our customers have looked into moving away to a new home or remodeling, but find that a Stannah stairlift is a quicker and more affordable solution.

How we can help you...

  • Our experienced staff can assess your needs, and recommend a suitable stairlift,
  • We're affordable, with a range of models to purchase (new & used) or rent short-term,
  • Our own factory-trained technicians have decades of experience between them,
  • We have a great warranty, a seven-day money back guarantee and a buy-back program.
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Our Stairlifts

Straight Stairs

A modern stairlift for straight stairs

Stairs that turn

Stannah stairlift for curved stairs

Outdoor stairs

Stannah stairlift for outdoors

We manufacture, install and service stairlifts with a choice of chairs, colors and options to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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